Questions to ask your boyfriend Use Texts To Make Men Love

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Questions to ask your boyfriend Use Texts To Make Men Love Text Chemistry is a popular dating program designed by dating and relationship coach, Amy North.

The program consists of a main eBook, a 13-video series, as well as 3 bonus eBooks.I think the 13-video series is a particularly good addition to the program. They provide a summary of the information in the main book but in a way that really reinforces the main points.

Overall, Text Chemistry is designed to capture a man’s attention and make him want more of you. Amy North does this by teaching you how to create ‘sexual chemistry’ through the text messages you send your guy.

The simple truth is that many women (and men) don’t know how to communicate in the digital world when it comes to flirting and dating.

We often feel paralyzed, stuck and shy. We don’t have the self-esteem or confidence to text the opposite sex successfully.

Text Chemistry completely changes the game for so many women.

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Who is Text Chemistry for?

Text Chemistry can help women who want to communicate better with men. In saying that, I think it’s most suitable for women who want to:

  • Flirt with a guy with the intention of turning him into your boyfriend
  • Make sure your boyfriend sees you as funny, interesting, and a “keeper.”
  • Turn things around with a boyfriend (or husband) who seems to be pulling away and losing interest
  • Rekindle things with an ex and get him chasing you again.

The women who won’t benefit as much from Text Chemistry are those who are in a happy relationship.

If things are already fun and exciting, the texts you’ll learn from Amy North probably may be fun to use on him, but they won’t be essential.

Why I’m writing this review

You may be wondering, why is a guy writing a review of Text Chemistry?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong in reading a dating program designed for the opposite sex. I’ve always been interested in how women think and operate.

My website Hack Spirit has also become one of the leading relationships and practical self-improvement blogs on the internet. I need to offer my readers diverse perspectives on these things.

I believe that Text Chemistry contains some powerful techniques for women who are trying to survive out in the dating jungle.

And for any man reading the book, it brings up some incredibly valid points about the ‘inner workings’ of our gender.

Who is Amy North?

Questions to ask your boyfriend Use Texts To Make Men Love

Amy North (pictured above) is a Canadian dating coach based in Vancouver. She is also a popular YouTuber and best-selling author.

Her mission in life is to help women “keep” the man of their dreams which isn’t always easy to achieve.

Amy’s online dating programs Text Chemistry and The Devotion System have sold approximately 100,000 copies worldwide.

She holds a degree in social psychology and offers one-on-one sessions in dating and breakup coaching to her ever-growing clientele.

Last time I checked her YouTube channel had over 540k subscribers and 140 videos offering practical advice.

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What you get with Text Chemistry

Questions to ask your boyfriend Use Texts To Make Men Love

Text Chemistry is based on the early research Amy North conducted when she was studying psychology at university. Then she honed this research in her career as a dating coach where she saw first-hand how couples would text each other.

To get to the heart of what Text Chemistry is all about, I have a question for you:

How good are you at grabbing a man’s attention?

With so many distractions in the modern world, and other women around, it’s not easy to get a man’s attention.

Because this is what Text Chemistry is all about.

Amy North wants to help you capture a man’s attention. So that he’s thinking about you and only you.

Text Chemistry will help you do this through what Amy calls “attention hooks”.

These attention hooks are the same triggers that Hollywood screenwriters use to draw audiences into their movies and keep them watching the entire show.

Have you ever been so hooked on a TV show you couldn’t stop watching?

Something at the end of each episode made you click “Watch Next Episode” again and again. Almost as if you couldn’t help yourself.

Amy North has taken these exact Hollywood techniques and adapted them for texting men.

Text messages with attention hooks are so powerful because they tap directly into the focus system of a man’s brain. Without even realizing it, he’ll start thinking about you and paying attention to you. Even if he’s miles away or you haven’t spoken in a while.

Amy provides you with situational-appropriate texts so that you can deploy them in any stage of your relationship  from the flirty stage at the beginning to keeping your long-term relationship exciting.

A closer look at the text messages

Questions to ask your boyfriend Use Texts To Make Men Love

Here’s why Text Chemistry becomes such a practical guide.

Amy North reveals the exact text messages to send to your guy that are almost guaranteed to get an instantaneous response.

She also instructs women on the ‘hows’ and ‘whens’ to use these text messages in every situation you can encounter with a guy.

So no matter your relationship status, Text Chemistry gives you all the texts you need to succeed with your guy, including when to use them.

Some of the texting scenarios covered in the book include:

  • What to send when men ignore your texts
  • When you’ve broken up with your ex and you want him back
  • If you’re feeling that the relationship has become boring and stagnant
  • When you want be be seductive and pull an “Anastasia Steele” on your OWN Christian Grey
  • When you’re after commitment and want him to lock you down
  • If you’re currently apart from your partner and you want to send him text messages to make him crave your presence
  • Seemingly silly text messages that will make him want you
  • Communicating with a guy on the phone, including shaping the conversation so that he’s always interested in talking to you.
  • When you’re concerned that your boyfriend, fiance or husband will cheat on you, abandon you or grow bored of you.

Have you ever received a text message from a guy and wondered what the hell he is on about?

Amy North also provides a cheat sheet for decoding what a man is on about when you receive a confusing text so you don’t need to bang your head against a wall.

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